i guess this proves you shouldn’t make assumptions about anyone.

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someone just left the dorm complex and she was wearing a shirt that said “I’m a thespian. my parents think it’s a stage.” and I swear I laughed for three minutes without stopping to breathe

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When the director says “one more time”



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do you ever get anxiety bc your room is so messy but ur just too damn lazy to clean it

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getting involved with theatre is like selling your soul

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Years and years ago, there was a production of The Tempest, out of doors, at an Oxford college on a lawn, which was the stage, and the lawn went back towards the lake in the grounds of the college, and the play began in natural light. But as it developed, and as it became time for Ariel to say his farewell to the world of The Tempest, the evening had started to close in and there was some artificial lighting coming on. And as Ariel uttered his last speech, he turned and he ran across the grass, and he got to the edge of the lake and he just kept running across the top of the water — the producer having thoughtfully provided a kind of walkway an inch beneath the water. And you could see and you could hear the plish, plash as he ran away from you across the top of the lake, until the gloom enveloped him and he disappeared from your view.

And as he did so, from the further shore, a firework rocket was ignited, and it went whoosh into the air, and high up there it burst into lots of sparks, and all the sparks went out, and he had gone.

When you look up the stage directions, it says, ‘Exit Ariel.’


Tom Stoppard, University of Pennsylvania, 1996 (via flameintobeing)

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When you’re at the show and the overture begins.



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instead of making movie adaptions of musicals, release the pro shot of the original broadway cast. billions of problems solved.

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High School Theatre


The spring musical is a silly thing. During set construction we can’t wait to start rehearsals! During rehearsals we just want the show to be over and we are irritated by many of those around us. During the actual show we all love each other and we function like a well oiled machine. After strike we all cry and wish we could be together again. It makes no sense at all.

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