Shrek: the Musical + Musical Theatre References

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People trying to throw shade at me through email.



This is what my life has become!


This is what my life has become!

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In one show, I had a light board op that was also my light designer, and he decided that he should be addressed as God.



So while calling cues one night:

Me (SM): God, can I get a standby for light cue 13?

Light Board Op, trying not to laugh: You may have a standby, my child.

Me (SM): Thank you, God.

And on the first cue, God said “Let there be light.” And there was light.

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32 Plays You Need To Read Before You Die



Plays that should also be on there: Ruined by Lynn Nottage, Peter and the Starcatcher by Rick Elice, The Elephant Man by Bernard Pomerance, The Seafarer by Conor McPherson.  And a whole lot of other things.

I would argue that most of these should be seen, not read. Reading shows like Noises Off is pretty close to pointless. Plays are meant to be performed - the best way to consume them is as an audience member. I mean, the snippet for the link even says “The play’s the thing.” If you read and actually understood Hamlet (or better yet, if you watched it), you would recognize that this line is from a speech where Hamlet is basically saying, “I know Claudius is guilty, but we don’t have forensic scientists to help me prove that, and ghosts don’t talk, so the only way I can make everyone else believe me is by putting on a play that explains what happened to my father.” The play’s the thing, wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king. In context, this phrase means a whole lot more! Plays aren’t novels; they’re meant to be performed. Go see some theatre.

Add to this list: Stupid Fucking Bird by Aaron Posner.


Say Hello To Broadway’s 1st Black Cinderella

Earlier this year Keke made history by becoming the the youngest-ever talk-show host ever at the age of 20! Now she will be making history by being cast as the first ever Black Cinderella on Broadway!!! You heard right Keke will be playing Cinderella on Broadway!!

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